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We're proud to have the highest-rated Kid's Martial Arts program in the Western Suburbs.


Our Kids Program is designed to build a strong foundation in your child's Jiu-Jitsu, and improve his/her coordination, movement, and agility.


Students will receive a comprehensive overview of all techniques and positions in the beginner, fundamental, and our Proprietary Anti-Bullying curriculum, as well as an introduction to the more advanced Jiu-Jitsu curriculum.


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  • Improve movement, coordination, and strength

  • Develop respect for their peers and instructors

  • Boost self-confidence

  • Increase overall physical fitness

  • Create a strong Jiu-Jitsu foundation

  • Improve your child's understanding of jiu-jitsu


  • Overview of all Jiu-Jitsu positions and situations

  • Comprehensive instruction of beginner, fundamental, and advanced techniques

  • Focus on core concepts, principals, and Jiu-Jitsu ideas

  • Positional, situational and live sparring

  • Detailed instruction of practical self-defense techniques

  • Attacks, defensive techniques and escapes from every position

  • Detailed instruction in our Anti-Bullying program.

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